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Price list for GPS Systems / Repeater(CE approved) / Antennas / Splitter / Amplifier / Combiner / RF over Fibre / Coaxial cable / Connectors

AuCon offers gnss (global navigation satellite system) parts like antennas, gps splitter, gps filter, gps amplifier, gps over fibre, and gps signal distribution products for wired and wireless applications like gps retransmission systems for indoor gps reception and indoor positioning. Since 2016 we also offer Iridium and Inmarsat repeaters. We design each customer specific system exactly to the users requirement. Our test systems for aircrafts in hangars or automobiles in crashtest facilities are available with many options like Bluetooth control and wireless fault management. As an engineering office for gps-systems since 1999 we are specialised on customized solutions but we also offer the program range of gps products for signal distribution as an offical distribution partner of GPS-SOURCE and Antcom. GPS Live inside is our special business!  
Our professional solutions for gps-signal distribution are availabe for GPS L1 (1575 MHz), L2 (1227 MHz), L5 (1545 Mhz), Glonass (1602-1616 MHz), Galileo (all bands), Beidou B1(1561 MHz)/ Compass, Omnistar, IRNSS L5, QZSS L1, SBAS and with detailed test reports for your individual gps system configuration! We can support you with consulting, planning and realisation of your individual gps networks by wire or wireless! We have a lot experience since more than 10 years especially for GNSS Antennas, CRPA (Controled Radiation Pattern) antennas, GNSS Repeaters and GPS Retransmission systems. Well-Known companies like Siemens, Nokia, Vodafone, SonyEricsson, EADS, Eurocopter and the german forces (Bundeswehr) are our customers since many years.
We are specialised on indoor gps signal distribution and gps retransmission systems for civil and military use. Since 2011 we have expanded our services to GNSS simulation. For car industry, telecom, survey, aviation industry and defense(military)and for installation in hangar, shelter, maintenance facilities, halls, stations, buildings, laboratories, EMC-Chambers, but also indoor gps distribution for helicopter, airplanes, military vehicles, armoured vehicles, tanks a.s.o. Ask us if you have any question about your project, you are welcome! Please see pdf-document procedure gps projects (procedure_gps_projects.pdf) for the schedule of gps projetcs

GPS antenna / GPS repeater & wireless GPS antennas / GPS booster / GPS-GSM antennas / GPS receiver / GPS engine boards/ GPS travel writer/GPS datalogger / GPS accessoires / GPS adapter

Art.-Nr. Typ Short Description Image Description Price in € exkl. tax
GPS antenna for L1 and L2 airplane gps-antenna   This helix GPS antenna for L1/L2 band is mainly used for aircraft and rocket, please call more more detailed informations!

For many of our antennas you can ask us for an individual test report!
 on request
3010091 AS-81 GPS / GLONASS- Antenna for 3 - 5 Volts, activ, 3 m cable and SMA-Con. glonass antenna This combined GPS / GLONASS Antenna is for GPS L1-Band 1575 Mhz, and also for GLONASS 1602 MHz to 1615 MHz. magnetic mount, cable 3 m with SMA-Con. Other connectors also available.
Center Frequenz:  1590 Mhz(+/- 3 Mhz), Bandwidth: 50 Mhz(+/- 5 dB), VSWR 1,5:1,  LNA Gain(without cable): 30 dB, consumption 13 mA,
dimensions: 37 x 33,5 x 10 mm

3010001 AS-50 ODM-GPS-Antenna without housing GPS-Antenne passiv ODM-GPS-Antenna for the R&D of your own applications!  On basis of as-66 the as-50 is ideal for integration into customized gps systems. We also have activ or passiv L1 and L2 band gps antennas for OEM on stock. These antennas are mainly used for miltary and surveying systems. Galileo-antennas(for E1 1559 MHz) are coming soon.
3010002 AS-19 GPS-Antenna for 2,5 to 5 V with SMA or MMCX plug GPS-AntenneAS19 Efficient and durable magnet gps antenna with extremely low current consumption RF-circle and R-polarization optimized by only 4.7 mA for navigation and tracking with, Cable length when desired, Length of kind of condition is 3 meters. Screw connection possible. Waterproof!
For 2,5 - 5 V tension!
Dimensions 48 x 58 x 18 mm.
3010004 AS-76 GPS-Antenna Wide Range 2,5 - 5 Volt, with MCX, SMA, BNC, SMB or MMCX plug

description as pdf-file
Vodafone D2, GoodYear, Deutsche Post u.v.a.
GPS-AntenneAS-76 Very efficient and durable magnet gps antenna for navigation and tracking with optimized RF-circle and R-polarization, however with variable tension of 2,5  to  5 V, small current consumtion! Dimensions 48 x 58 x 18 mm. Waterproof.

With type permission of the force travel Federal Office also in the automotive range and the german StVZO officially certified! EMV tested! Waterproof!
For professional applications you can know gladly our EMV records  on request.
3010005 AS-200 GPS-Antenna
5 Volt / L1-Band / activ
GPS-Antenne_AS200   Costeffective and ruggedised GPS antenna for installation on a roof or on a boats. The antenna kit includes an stainless steel mount. Cable type LMR195 is upon request. The cable lenght should not exceed 20 m without amplifier between. The connector typ for this antenna is TNC-male.
For 5 Volt, Gain eff: 32 dB, Dim..: 115 mm(D) x 70 mm(H)       
Optional also available for Glonass(type: AS300)!

For professional GNSS antennas please go to our homepage http://gps-repeater.eu/de/produkte/gps-antennen or ask us by + 49 - 89- 91059 868 or send an email to sales @ aucon dot de
AS-200 L1/L2 GPS-Antenna
5 Volt / activ
gps l2 antenna Ruggedised L1 and L2 Band GPS antenna(1575 and 1227 MHz) for installation on a roof or on a boats. The antenna is shipped with an stainless steel holder. Cable upon request. The connector typ for this antenna is TNC-male.
For 5 Volt, Gain eff: 32 dB, Dim..: 115 mm(D) x 70 mm(H)  

In short also available as a high precision choke ring antenna for survey and other applications which need a very precise gps-signal quality. Reduces multipath effects and also improves the GNSS signal quality for satellites with a low elevation.
3010007 AS-26 GPS-antenna helix for mobile applications and devices

description as pdf-file
AS-26  As-26 is a gps blade antenna (type Helix) with the existing SMA plug it could be directly connected to the gps equipment by screw. Please consider availability and minimum order quantity! on inquiry
3010027 AS-27 NEW! GPS antenna helix for OEM helix gps antenna Omnidirectional, helix gps antenna with a bandwidth of 90 MHz in a small housing for OEM, 5 Volt, 27 dB amplifier(without cable loss), antenna gain 1 dBi, 10 mA consumption at 5 V, open wire, only with 90° SMA-Connector available.

on inquiry
3010008 AS-04 Mini-GPS-Antenna for 5 Volt- tension with 3 m cable and MCX or SMA-plug AS-04 Efficient mini gps antenna particularly for applications with those where the small space requirement plays a important role. Also available as OEM version. 38,00
3010009 AS-05 GPS-Antenna for simple applications with 3 m cables and SMA plug or other plugs when desired   This very economical magnetic gps antenna is particularly suitable for simple applications of gps-navigation. The supply voltage of this active antenna is with 3-5 V, been suitable also for PDA and PNA such as Garmin or others 15,90
3010012 AS-47CS Indoor GPS ReRadiating-System / GPS-Repeater
with up to 12 meters transmission distance

technical data sheet(70k)

pattern building(33k)

pattern Aviation(71 k)

demonstration pics(300 kb) CE approved
AS-47 This high performance GPS Repeating system applies particularly in laboratories, for aviation in hangars and in production halls because of its high range, where normally no GPS-Signal is available. As a navigation test system and indoor positioning several gps devices can be operated at the same time in the surrounding field of AS- 47!  The current consumption is extremely low with only 55 mA. The cable length of our standart RF-cable is 40 meters, we also offer cable lenght up to 100 m and more! We also offer special GPS-Repeaters for EMC-laboratories with extracted internal antenna or with power supply by battery or with Solar Power Kit. Other configuration on inquiry!
References: BMW, Siemens(europe), Bundeswehr, Bosch, Continental, Daimler, Geoforschung Potsdam, HarmanBecker Automotive USA, EADS, Eurocopter, NOKIA, SonyEricsson, NokiaSiemensNetwork, RUAG, Pilatus Aircraft, Dr.Ing.h.c. F.Porsche AG, Saabgroup, BMW, Vodafone,

Ask us for your special application - Send us your inquiry by Email to:

/ Your contact person: Mr. Willi Fink 

We can offer you a detailed planning for gps signal supply in your building or in your vehicle. Please send us a floor- and ground plan with your inquiry if available. We have experience since over 10 years in GNSS Signal Distribution!!! We can assist you in development of gps systems and the best test scenaries for your applications. We sell all of our GNSS retransmission systems based on EU regulation EN ETSI302645. For longer distances we offer a RF over fibre system to transmitt the signals without any time delay and loss of gain. See more at www.gps-repeater.com/en.

*Important Note: Please respect the local regulations in your country for the use of repeaters and use repeaters always only in the configured assembly kit. For use in other countries perhaps you need a testing license from your local federal office. Please ask your local federal office for more or contact AuCon for further informations.
from 790,00 
AS-49 Wireless L1/L2-Band GPS ReRadiating-System or GPS-Repeater gps-repeater l2-band GPS-Repeater for civil and military GPS-band L1/L2,
Our solutions for gps-signal distribution are also available with test reports for your individual gps-system configuration! We can support you with consulting, planning and realisation of your individual gps-signaldistribution by wire or wireless! We are specialised on gps-signal distribution for telecom, avoinics and defense(military) for installation in hangar, halls, buildings, laboratories, EMC-Chambers, but also helicopter, airplanes, tanks a.s.o. Ask us if you have any question about your project.

> Please visit our new page www.gps-repeater.com for more details!
please send us your inquiry
Miltitary GPS-Repeater for armoured vehicles miltary gps re-transmitter The GPSRKL1M is a GPS L1 or L2 low power repeater system designed specifically for rugged, mobile military environments. The repeated GPS signal is used for system test and initialization. The GPSRKL1M is available with more options than competitive products in the market, f.e. with 1275B Powercon., SJT-Con, RG400-MIL etc. please send us your inquiry
3010013 AS-41 GPS Divider / GPS antenna signal splitter gps signalsplitter GPS splitter for using only one GPS antenna outside the building and more than one repeater indoor. Available as 1 to 4 or 1 to 8.
Available for all GNSS bands, like GPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, Compass, Beidou, IRNS, Omnistar. S12/S14/S18 are a perfect replacment for Symmetricom splitters. Short time delivery!

All our splitters are available in special configurations, f.e. EMI-shielded, waterproff, with external power supply DC or AC and a lot other options.


from 150.-  
Military qualified GNSS splitter with 1 input and 2 outputs
military gnss splitter
Military qualified GNSS splitter with 1 input and 2 outputs, for all kinds of applications in aircraft or helicopters and for ground applications. Splitter comes with CoC. Several military and aerospace connectors are available.
please ask for pricing
RMS116-P230/5-TF RMS116 GPS Rack Mount Splitter 1 in 8, also as 1 in 16 and 1 in 32 available gps rack mount splitter GNSS splitter for integration in 19" racks, passes GPS L1, L2, L5, L6, GLONASS, GALILEO, Beidou, IRNS, Omnistar, numerous options available like external power AC or DC, variable gain, RF switch, MIL connectors and a lot other.. please send us your inquiry
C-21-TF C21TF GPS Combiner 2 in 1 gps combiner small The C21S GPS/Galileo/GLONASS Combiner is a two-input one-output RF device. The most common application is taking input from two GPS antennas and combining the signal to one receiving GPS unit. In this scenario, the C21 will pass DC from the RF output to both antenna input ports (J1 & J2) in order to power the active GPS antennas on those ports.

please send us your inquiry
3050012 RP-BS2 Lightening protection/surge protector for gps antennas and gps repeater  surge protection gps antenna Lightening protection for cable mounting. The surge protector should be mounted where the cable is entering the building from outdoors. With gas discharge tube. Then surge protector has to be connected to ground. For every gnss antenna system recommended especially if the receiving antenna is mounted on the roof. Please ask for additional cables to connect to antenna.
3010014 AS-47-M Mobile tripod holder for GPS repeater AS47/48 mobile gps repeater   Mobile tripod holder for GPS-Repeater series AS47/48 with battery  pack for autonomous operation of about 2-3 hours.
Perfect for all mobile GPS-Test applications f.e. for testing of airplanes electronic equipment. Comes in an rough size alu case with foam inside for protection of  the gps equipment. The battery pack is rechargable with the charger for 230 V which is included.

The tripod holder is also available without power supply and without the alu case. Please ask us!
* the gps-repeater on the pic is not included
HA-2-A HA-2-A Facade Holder Stainless Steel for AS47/48 and others gps antenna facade holder  Special stainless steel holder for mounting the gps-antenna outdoor on the facade of a hall/house. For gps-antennas from  AuCon with drilled holes for the stainless steel feet of AS47/48 and AS/SA200 and also for others. The coaxcable comes out from the side of the steel feet. Screws and dowels for mounting on the facade are included.

*the gps-antenna and stainless steeel feet is not included
HA-1-R HA-1-R Retaining jig/bracket for GPS-Repeaterantenna AS47/48 halter gps repeater Retaining bracket for mounting the gps-sending antenna(repeater) AS47/48 in an aviation hall, hangar or inside a building etc. Could be adjusted in 3 D for best alignment of the gps signal source. Material Aluminium combined with plastic.

pdf-file(134 kB)

UV-0001 UV-0001 UV-protection for GPS-cable outdoor with 5 to 12 mm diameter / 3 m lenght uv schutzmantel gps cable UV protection for  RF-cable outdoors, especially if the gps outdoor antenna is mounted on a sunny place

*cable is not included

3090015  401-2208 RF-Switch incl. Adaptercable rf-switch gps RF-Switch  for 12 V, f.e. switching between two antennas with different frequencies or with different positions, available also for gps-repeaters, SMA with TNC-adapters,  1 to 3 GHz, VSWR 1.15 @ 1575 MHz, Switch Time 10 mS, 12 V, ca. 190 mA, 70 g, -25° to +65° C
3010015 AS-36 GPS boat antenna for firm installation on boats and ships with central screw mounting GPS-Bootsantenne Very durable and water resistant gps antenna for boats and other outdoor applications  with those above all the robustness are important.
application for 3 - 5 V tension also available in black
GL-101 GL-101 GPS-travel writer
seriel /RS-232

GPS datalogger The GPS datalogger is to be noted ideally suitably around the locations of vehicles and along-logged events. Over SD-card or USB-interface these data can be picked out then at any time at the PC. You can just choose between private and business trips. GL-101 can also be used to document and record existing gps data, f.e. in development of gps systems or production lines, where gps repeaters are used to bring the signal inside the building.
The datalogger could be used with a gnss simulator to play back the recorded trajectories and scenaries.
3030001 AD-1 coax adapter cables   coax adaptercables e.g. for TNC-f to  N-m with 20 cm cable RG316, TNC-m to N-f with 30 cm cable RG316, SMA-m to TNC-f with 20 cm cable RG316 15,00
3030002 AD-X Adapter different Adapter Adapters available: MMCX,MCX,SMA,TNC,N, BNC etc. we offer to you on request, likewise we configure your antennas according to desire with different cable lengths! by inquiry

All prices in Euro without tax and plus forwarding expenses from stock in munich. International shipments only by payment in advance. The general trading conditions of the ZVEI apply (Zentralverband der Elektroindustrie). All data without guarantee on correctness. Last updates to 01.01.2018